Becoming a Member of TNT Toastmasters

We are one of the oldest and most successful Toastmasters clubs in the DFW area.  We are celebrating 35 years in May, 2016 and have advanced the careers and lives of several hundred members

Our reputation for excellence and our supportive club culture has boosted our popularity among our community.

Interested in Membership? Check us out below.

Visit Us Anytime: Most new Members find attending  1-3 meetings as a  guest, the best way to learn about Toastmasters and TNT


The easiest way to learn is to see our meetings in action as our guest.  We meet every Thursday from 12:05 pm to 1:05 pm.   Come around 11:30 am, grab a seat, and help yourself to our Buffet and New New Buffet.  Meetings start promptly at 12:05 pm.  You are welcome!

Visit Us

New Member Success Tips and Traits


After attending 1 or more meetings as a guest, you may apply for membership.

The most successful TNT Toastmaster candidates are those who:

  • Attend most Thursday Lunch meetings Weekly.
  • Actively participate during meetings and volunteer for meeting roles.
  • Aspire to becoming an officer (6 month term, with a commitment of 2 hours per week).
  • and/or look for other ways to contribute to club culture

Becoming a Member


Candidates for membership are considered in members-only votes, typically conducted about twice a month. If elected to membership, the candidate becomes a member-elect. Upon paying the new member fees & dues to the treasurer, the member-elect is officially a MEMBER of TNT Toastmasters.

See the table below for membership fees.

What you pay depends on the month you join. You’ll pay initiation fees, and prorated dues through March. In February or March, we will also collect regular member dues for the coming year (April through March of the following year).

We are a community based club with a focus on maintaining a friendly, safe space for our members to develop their speaking & leadership skills. All TNT members contribute to this mentality and supportive culture.

TNT Membership Dues

TNT = TNT (Town North Trendsetters) Toastmasters

TMI = Toastmasters International

START MONTH Total Fee TMI Dues TNT Dues TNT initiation TMI new member kit
paid thru next March
April $171.75 $72.00 $58.00 $20.00 $21.75
May $161.25 $66.00 $53.50 $20.00 $21.75
June $150.25 $60.00 $48.50 $20.00 $21.75
July $139.75 $54.00 $44.00 $20.00 $21.75
August $128.75 $48.00 $39.00 $20.00 $21.75
September $118.25 $42.00 $34.50 $20.00 $21.75
October $107.25 $36.00 $29.50 $20.00 $21.75
November $96.75 $30.00 $25.00 $20.00 $21.75
December $85.75 $24.00 $20.00 $20.00 $21.75
January $75.25 $18.00 $15.50 $20.00 $21.75
paid thru March of NEXT year
February $201.25 $84.00 $75.50 $20.00 $21.75
March $189.75 $78.00 $70.00 $20.00 $21.75