Julie Davis Places 2nd in Division Contest! Bruce Arfsten “Goes Beyond!”

Congratulations to Julie Davis for taking Second Place in the Division Table Topics!  But, she had to do a double-dose in the Table Topics.  The first three competitors were asked “What do you think of when you think of success?”  The Contest Master inadvertently asked “Who do you think of when you think of success?” of the next three.  ..  An official brought up a point of order that according to the official rule book, all competitors must be asked exactly the same question.  To be fair, all six were brought back to be asked an entirely different question, “If you could have any talent you do not currently possess, what would it be?”  Julie Davis did a great job answering the initial question as well as the second question.
In the International Speech contest, competition was high among the six competitors.  Bruce gave a great presentation of his “Go Beyond” speech, but did not place.  Well done to Bruce for representing TNT Toastmasters so well.
Reporting by Ron Amberg