The Successful Club Series


The Successful Club Series provides presentations, speeches and handouts that address the quality of club meetings, offers tips on attracting and maintaining members, and growing successfully.



Moments Of Truth  When someone comes in contact with Toastmasters, the person forms an impression based on their experience. Clubs must remain cognizant and ensure every guest and member’s experience is a positive one.                                                                                             Moments Of Truth Handout    Moments Of Truth Chart


Finding New Members For Your Club  This speech discusses ways to help your club seek out vital new members.


Evaluate To Motivate This speech gives best practices on giving an evaluation that benefits the speaker and the audience.


Closing The Sale  Exercise your powers of persuasion during those moments when a guest is deciding to join.


Creating The Best Club Climate  Techniques for creating and maintaining a healthy club environment.


Meeting Roles and Responsibilities  This speech discusses how to ensure everyone in your club is involved during each



Mentoring   This presentation defines mentoring, explains benefits and discusses responsibilities of mentors.


Keeping The Commitment   Discusses the 10 standards that comprise “A Toastmasters Promise”.


Going Beyond Our Club  Find out about learning and leadership opportunities available to members in addition to regular club meetings and activities.


How To Be a Distinguished Club   A terrific tool to explain and promote the Distinguished Club Program to the members of your club.